2024 Programme launched

An Angel at My Table - one of the highlights from our 2024 Programme

Today we are proud to announce our 2024 Programme.

One of the most anticipated screenings of the season is our opening night film, Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (19 February). This period drama, renowned for its visual splendour and narrative depth, was recently ranked the 12th greatest film of all time in a poll of film directors. 

The mind bending Russian sci-fi, Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky) will take audiences on an interstellar journey. Meander through a bad night out in New York in Martin Scorsese’s comedy, After Hours.

We’ll return home for Dame Jane Campion’s An Angel at My Table, based on the autobiographies of Janet Frame, which won the Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 1990.

Closing the programme, the classic All About Eve (Joseph L. Mankiewicz) is set to grace the screen, providing a timeless exploration of ambition, friendship, and the backstage drama of the entertainment world.

Key themes: Korean cinema and 70s sci-fi
We’re highlighting some of the greatest filmmakers to come out of South Korea. We’re screening the acclaimed Memories of Murder, directed by Bong Joon-ho who made history when his film Parasite became the first non-English language film  to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. We’re also playing a thriller that plays out on the border of North and South Korea, Joint Security Area by director Park Chan-wook, whose credits include Oldboy, The Handmaiden, and Stoker.

In addition to Solaris, we’re showing 70s Sci-Fi films, Silent Running (directed by the man behind the special effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Douglas Trumbull) and The Andromeda Strain (based on the novel by Michael Crichton and directed by Robert Wise).

Some films still to be scheduled
We have announced today our schedule only up until Whānau Mārama New Zealand International Film Festival in August. We’ve also announced several other films and have a few more up our sleeve that we’re not in a position to confirm screening dates for yet.

Our beautiful home, the Embassy Theatre may be having some maintenance done to the Grand in the latter part of the year, during which time we won’t be able to screen. Exactly when and for how long is yet to be confirmed.

We’ll keep you updated and confirm the rest of our schedule as soon as we can via our website, newsletter, and at screenings.

We will screen as many films as we can and we’ve kept some great films for the end of the year.