About us

The Wellington Film Society (WFS) is a non-profit incorporated society and registered charitable organisation. We have been screening films in Wellington for over 75 years and were one of the founding members of the New Zealand Federation of Film Societies (NZIFF), New Zealand’s only alternative non-profit network of film exhibitors.

Film Society membership is open to everyone and there are subscription options from a 3-Film sampler to a 12-month membership.  Admission is by membership and gives you entry to our programme of over 30 New Zealand and international films each year for less than $4.00 a screening. Full membership also gives you free admission to screenings of other federated NZ film societies, generous concessions at the New Zealand International Film Festival and discounts at some local cinemas.

We operate on a subscription basis to comply with screening rights restrictions. Most screenings are members only, however some sponsored screenings are open to the public with koha/donation-based entry. (Censorship ratings apply to all screenings.)   

Membership subscriptions contribute to programming services, venue hire, and administration costs.

Wellington Film Society Inc. is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005, with donee status approved by the Inland Revenue Department. Registration No. CC4140

The screenings are held in the Grand, Level 1 at the Embassy Theatre, 10 Kent Terrace, on Mondays at 6.15 pm.   

The Wellington Film Society wants everybody to be able to enjoy our programme of great movies on the big screen. So the front row as you come in, Row F, is reserved for people with mobility issues. There are ‘reserved’ notices on the seats. Self-recognition is the order of the day.   If you have mobility issues or have a temporary injury and find the steps too taxing, sit in one of these seats and enjoy the film.

There is a lift to the left of the entrance foyer so that the whole experience can be step-free!


The Wellington Film Society is run by a committee of volunteers elected from the general membership at our Annual General Meeting. The 2022 AGM was held on 27 June 2022 at 6:15 pm.

The Committee 2022
Vice President: Johnny Crawford
Vice-President: Harriet Wild
Vice President/Co-Secretary: David Jenkinson
Immediate Past President: Chris Hormann
Treasurer: Alan Collins
Membership: Elizabeth Ridder
Film Handler: Miles Buckingham
Asst. Film Handlers: John Leggott, David Summerfield, Barend Buchler

Other Committee Members: Michael Donn, Harry Evans, Susan Freeman, Catarina de Peters Leitao, David Lindsay, Mica Mick, Chris Mitchell, Pamela Morgan, Brian O’Brien, Jim Seymour.

Life Members
Alan Collins
David Jenkinson
David Lascelles
David Lindsay
Elizabeth Ridder
Lindsay Shelton 

Wellington Film Society Inc
PO Box 1584
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Phone:    021 617 389
Email:     [email protected]
Website:  https://wellingtonfilms.nz

facebook: facebook.com/wellingtonfilmsociety
twitter: twitter.com/WgtnFilmSoc