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David Lindsay
David Lindsay

David Lindsay, a former president of Wellington Film Society, and now a life member, was also responsible for the first WFS website, launched in 1999.

David set up the programme schedule page, and created a page for each of the films screened. This required entering cast and crew details, searching and selecting the extracts from the best quality published reviews, and adding other relevant information about each film. He dedicated himself to the task every season for 24 years straight, curating the pages for a total of over 900 screenings.

We have now copied over all of these to preserve them on our new website, and created a search engine to enable you to browse, filter and find your way around them. You can search by title, alternate title (AKA), by producers, directors, actors, or even by runtime, film gauge and format. Or by any combination of these.

The Search Page is here at

Search Tips

1. Limit the search categories if you get too many hits. The default uses all search fields, but the right side dropdown menu allows you to de-select fields to focus on a specific ‘Search in’ term.

2. Use the +/- toggle sign at the top left of each title to expand the selection of fields displayed – especially useful on a tablet or mobile.

3. Clicking the title link opens a new tab with the full reviews and notes page for each film.