3 Film Upgrades now available online

If you have recently signed up to a 3 Film membership, you may not be aware of the value of the card after you have seen a couple of films – or even all three. Look after the card as if it was cash because at any time before the 12 month expiry date is over, it is still worth $40. Even with all 3 clips used.

That’s because we offer a full credit of the $40 you paid for it against the upgrade to a full year membership.

Up until now you needed to bring the card back to us to before purchasing the upgrade at the desk. But while we still need the card back to give you the credit, you can now buy the upgrade online.

That saves you time waiting at the membership desk, and it helps us minimise waiting time for others too. If you purchase online we can have your full membership card waiting for you to come in with that $40 worth of dog-eared card, and you’re good to go for the rest of the season of Monday movies.

Be aware that upgrading the membership does not extend the expiry date. The new full membership card will have the same expiry date as the 3 Film card that you upgraded.

The membership desk is located in the ground floor foyer of The Embassy and is open every Monday screening from 5:30pm.

The Upgrade form is on the website at https://wellingtonfilms.nz/upgrade-membership/

See you at the movies!