Japanese Classics

We are looking at a man and a woman facing away from us, sitting on stools up to a colourfully lit bar, while a barman to their left is quietly observing them
6:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Tokyo Drifter

A loyal lieutenant in a Yakuza gang is unable to adjust to a life outside organised crime. “Director Seijun Suzuki’s onslaught of stylized violence and trippy colours is equal parts Russ Meyer, Samuel Fuller, and Nagisa Oshima – an anything-goes, in-your-face rampage” - Janus Films ...

Scene from Pigs and Battleships of a group of men sitting at a table playing a board game.
6:15 pm - 8:05 pm

Pigs and Battleships

Imamura’s breakthrough film was this dazzling portrait of the power struggles between small-time gangsters in the port of Yokosuka, home to a US naval base. “A rambunctious carnival of post-war folly” – NY Times ...

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