We’re reopening for business and want to hear from you!

New members can now join up and we have launched a survey.

By Harry Evans

Wellington Film Society (WFS) has seen significant membership growth in the last two years. Following two occasions early in our 2024 season where more people turned up to screenings than could be seated in the Embassy theatre, WFS paused new memberships.

During this time, the committee that runs WFS has actively considered options for managing membership growth sustainably and fairly. We have now decided to reopen memberships and are keen for your views to inform our strategy in the longer term.

We want as many WFS members as possible to experience seeing great films in the cinema each week. We also want to ensure our members have a great experience and we reduce the chance of the cinema being too full and people not being able to get a seat.

One of the potential scenarios we are considering to manage membership growth and member experience is to hold a second screening later on Monday nights. This is one potential option we are keen to gain your feedback on, and it will be important to inform our next steps.

Nothing has been decided. A second screening is a matter we want to ensure we’ve explored fully in advance, in consultation with our members, before moving forward. 

Please fill out the survey here – https://forms.gle/qXyPYRAdyzmC4EP48