John Bach in UTU

Utu Redux

Geoff Murphy, New Zealand 2013, 107 minutes

Rating: M violence

Utu is a 1983 New Zealand film directed and co-written by Geoff Murphy; starring Anzac Wallace as Te Wheke, a warrior who sets out to get vengeance after British forces kill his people in the New Zealand Wars of the 1870’s.

Thirty years after its initial release, Utu Redux introduced the film to a new generation of Kiwi cinema-goers. In 2013, the “enhanced and restored” cut, produced by Utu cinematographer Graeme Cowley with Murphy and editor Mike Horton, premiered at the Wellington opening night of the NZ International Film Festival, and won rave reviews.

– Costa Botes, NZ On Screen, 2 July 2013.Film 


Nov 07 2022


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