The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Joe Talbot, USA 2019, 121 min

Rating: M drug use, offensive language, nudity

Everyone deserves the chance to see beyond the stories they’re born into, but not everyone has the strength to take that chance on their own. Home is always much easier to find when it’s an actual place. The Last Black Man In San Francisco is a special film for how bravely it steels its characters for a future where most of us can only belong to each other. It’s a film that’s as sad for its city as it is for all of the people who can no longer afford to live there. San Francisco may have a short memory, but it’s just produced another movie that will be hard to forget.
– David Ehrlich, IndieWire, 26 January 2019.


May 30 2022


6:15 pm - 7:20 pm