Australian actor Steve Bisley plays the part of a slimy secondhand car salesman in "The Big Steal"

The Big Steal

Nadia Tass | Australia | 1990

Director: Nadia Tass
Producers: David Parker, Nadia Tass
Screenplay: David Parker
Cinematography: David Parker
Editor: Peter Carrodus
Music: Chris Gough, Philip Judd
Ben Mendelsohn (Danny Clark)
Claudia Karvan (Joanna Johnson)
Marshall Napier (Desmond Clark)
Damon Herriman (Mark Jorgensen)
Angelo D’Angelo (Vangeli Petrakis)
Steve Bisley (Gordon Farkas)

Rating: PG coarse language Runtime: 112 minutes

A fun Australian teen comedy featuring the first lead performance of Ben Mendelsohn? Sign us up! 

In The Big Steal, self-conscious teenager Danny Clark (Mendelsohn) is in desperate need of a Jaguar after over-promising on the quality of his vehicle to Joanna (Claudia Karvan), the girl he wants to take on a date. Sold a lemon by slimy secondhand car salesman, Gordon Farkas (Steve Bisley), Danny starts plotting on how to get even. 

We love to cover a range of genres at Wellington Film Society and we can’t wait to have a laugh with The Big Steal. Mendelsohn is renowned for playing scary characters, such as in Animal Kingdom and Killing Them Softly, so seeing him in a comedy will be a treat. 

“The Big Steal would be worth seeing for Bisley’s gloriously slimy costuming alone if it also wasn’t Australia’s answer to a John Hughes-esque teen comedy, complete with the first lead performance in a film from the prodigiously talented Mendelsohn”
Melbourne International Film Festival.


May 15 2023


6:15 pm - 8:10 pm