Gosta Ekman in Faust (1926)


Friedrich W Murnau, Germany 1926, 106 minutes

Rating: PG

In one of the great classics of German expressionist cinema, Goethe’s famous tale of the man who makes a pact with a demon is brought to life by FW Murnau, perhaps the silent era’s most brilliant director. This is the kind of work which will never go out of date. It still has plenty of thrills and chills – and sinister laughs – for a modern audience. It also looks stunning, and the special effects, many of them employed for the first time ever, are spectacular.

Live Cinema Presentation
This Wellington Film Society screening will be accompanied by a new score arranged and played by Te-Whanganui-a-Tara musicians: Erika Grant, Isaac Smith, Rosie Langabeer and Neil Feather. Our screening is supported by the Goethe Institut and the Wellington City Council.

This will be WFS’s first film with a live score since 2017’s The Last Command and will expand the boundaries of the conventional cinema experience, bringing live music and sound effects to the giant Embassy screen.

In cooperation with Goethe Institut


Oct 10 2022


6:15 pm - 8:05 pm