52nd Wellington Film Festival Is Live!

In 1972, the first Wellington Film Festival launched a programme of seven films – one per day at the Paramount Theatre. The “INFORMATION BULLETIN -NUMBER 1” told it’s readers that the 11am Saturday screening of Blanche “should make it worth your while to get up early on Saturday”. No glitz, no online bookings, but what it may have lacked in technology was more than made up for by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the volunteer team that put it together, and the members who bought 5,000 tickets. Lindsay Shelton was the WFS President and programmer for New Zealand’s 50 film societies who got it all started, and you can read his lively account of the history of the Festival on the NZIFF website here.

Palme d’Or winner at Cannes, Anatomy of a Fall opens the Wellington season tonight at 6:30pm. Check here for tickets – currently selling fast, and already sold out for Sunday.